Section Meet #4, March 25th 2017

Well Saturday was the only good day of the weekend for rocket launching.  There were three contestants for the Section meet contest. Each one had one good flight and another one that was not as good.  None the less it was fun and everyone knows how to do better the next time.  All flights returned safely.

Daniel Peirce had one good flight with his boost glide rocket.  It achieved a time of 46 seconds on his second flight.  Xander had one great boost glide flight with his boost glider that achieved 24 seconds on the first flight. I had one good flight with my boost glider of 31 seconds on the first flight.  I was hoping for another great boost on the second flight, but that did not occur.

Daniel achieved first place in the boost Glider event.  Xander achieved 1st in the B division.

The Helicopter recovery was a more challenging event.  Daniel Peirce entered the Rose-A-Roc helicopter recovery rocket and had mixed results.  I entered in a kit that I had built from a company called CMR (Competition Model Rockets) that was famous for a few of its boost gliders in the 80s.

There will be more events and I hope more will come out to attend.

Here are the overall results of the Saturday Contest:

B Division:  1st Place Xander Thompson with 72 points

C Division: 1st John Thompson with 308 points

2nd Daniel Peirce with 300 points