Memories of STS-51

I recently found some items from the past.  I still had the parking pass from my sister and Brother in-law that was working at Patrick Air Force base back then.  The day before shuttle launch of STS-51 I had just graduated from my MOS school in Virginia.  I drove for 12 hours non stop until I made it to my sisters house at Merit Island to attend the launch.

STS 51 pass Kennedy Space Center Rules

The liftoff was picture perfect and the shuttle really moves fast up to its destination.

GRC 790 Latest Successful launches

The day of launching was really terrific, minus a little rain off and on, all went well. We had two additional families attend and launch rockets. Two of the new members were Ian Trousdell and Scott Trousdell.  I provided them with the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 to add to their rockets so they could see how neat and interesting it is to utilize for rocket data:

Nike Ajax on an F24-4W, The Sprint XL on a composite motor, Fallout 4 rocket on D12-3 Estes motor