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Parachute Duration contest advice

Rocket History

Rocket tools for the modeler :

Rocket Motor Tutorial Primer:

Mr Gary A. Crowell Sr.  made a wonderful MS-DOS software presentation providing data on rocket motor basics, including not just a standard Estes motor, he also included composite motor data on how a single use composite motor and how reloadable motors work. The program can still be found on the web.  However it will require windows 98 or windows XP to function.  I will post the items presented by him here in pdf format.  It is a great learning tool for those who wnat to learn more on rocket motors:

Here is one of the four subjects covered:


Rocket Motor Basics Pictorial Graphs

Rocket Motor Basics part 2

2017 FAI Space Modeling Guidelines:


Using Depron Foam for Rockets and RC Rocket Gliders version 2 with Links

Vintage Estes Rocket database:

model rocket database:

Here is a great source for pre-flight calcution planning:

The Pittsburgh Space Command Rocket Club has a great library of reference material.  It is definitely worth checking out:

The one great thing I enjoy about this hobby is the sharing of ideas.  NARHAMS rocket club has a wonderful library resource that is full of great ideas and techniques.  Please check out their site for some terrific ideas:

SEP Program Brochure

SEP program guide

SEP Teachers Resource Kit Information

Sport Rocketry SEP Article August 1994

Flamethrower Volume 2 Number 2 November December 1993

Flamethrower Volume 2 Number 3 January February 1994

Flamethrower Volume 2 Number 5 may June 1994

Flamethrower Volume 2 Number 6 July August 1994

Flamethrower Volume 2 Number 7 September October 1994

Space Sounds:

Something to use for big rocket projects:

Every Estes catalog ever produced can be accessed here:

The Titan Missile Museum in Arizona

The Man who helped get us to the moon and then later was stripped of US Citizenship:

This will be a place for resource material in support of the hobby for those who are interested in material that is no longer published and easy to find.

Here is something that could be useful for long range tracking for those high altitude rocket projects:


Marshall Radio Telemetry

What is Terminal Velocity:

If you become a member of NAR, you will receive The Sport Rocketry magazine that has a lot of great articles related to space, education and how to guides to help improve your hobby skills.  Below are a few example articles from the magazine:

Model Rocket Engines Data aids Evel Knievel





1970 Articles from the Archives of NAR:



Rocket Hobby Resources:



Educational material:

Space debris 1 of 3

Space debris 2 of 3

Space debris 3 of 3

Model Rocket Engine Theory and Design

Ammonium Perchlorate Basics


RRS Motor Making Class 2000

“I found the training material. For those interested please check out the material below”

beginning-solid-propellant-rocket-propulsion-course-29-feb-2000-revision-2-part-1 of-3 beginning-solid-propellant-rocket-propulsion-course-29-feb-2000-revision-2-part-2 of-3 beginning-solid-propellant-rocket-propulsion-course-29-feb-2000-revision-2-part-3 of-3




Information that may be of interest:


NRO Declassified link of interesting items:

Celebrate July 20th every year commemorating the first landing on the moon:


Issue #1:

Issue #2:

Issue #3:


Issue #5:

May_June issue 2017

To A Rocky Moon

nov dec 2000 dart newsletter

Tripoli before now provided their members with a great magazine on High powered Rocketry. This article is an example:

Delta 2 accident of 1998_vol 13 no5 article

Delta 2

I was lucky enough to get ahold of several boxes and will be working to digitally archive these issues and provide them to Tripoli Headquarters so other paying members can have access to the archive.

NAR is doing this and AMA already provides an archive database.  it will be a work but I have been a rocket enthusiast since I was young and the people within this hobby should have their stories and articles saved for others to read and learn from.

Rockets Magazine is still active and accessible for digital downloads for subscribers.  that is another great resource:

Beyond Earth: A Chronicle of Deep Space Exploration from 1958-2016

NAR TARC Cert ideas: