Successful NASA SL attempt

Under the hectic topsy turby weather, we had a narrow window of opportunity and it paid off. The Camas Highschool rocket team had a successful subscale launch. The rocket was stable and the electronics worked on recovery. We had winds that fluctuated from 5-16mph. It was launched at 12 pm which was perfect timing. By 1pm the weather changed and all was packed up.

The Camas crew and mentors.

Orion safe splash down 👍🪂

Orion Success!!!

Well eventhough we had to scrub the Goldendale launch today, I hope people were able to watch the live footage of Orions safe landing in the pacific ocean. The USS Portland is standing by to recover the capsule after the allotted wait time the capsule floats in the ocean for sea worthiness.

All parachutes deployed as expected 👏
Splashdown !

NASA live link:

NASA live