Interested in Model Rocketry?

GRC790_Membership form 2021

GRC is an officially chartered section (#790) of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) and is operated as a non-profit organization to promote the hobby of rocketry in the Columbia Gorge area.  Although membership in the NAR is not required, it will be necessary for participation in NAR sanctioned competitions.  For more information contact:

John Thompson,

GRC acting President

PO Box 2163

White Salmon, Wa. 98672

Phone: 509-637-3992

Active NAR and TRA Agreement waiver:

Liability Waiver for Launches with NAR and TRA membership

Student/College attendance Waiver:

Student_College Waiver

Launch Club Waiver:

Rocket Club waiver

Viewer Waiver:

Notice and Liability Release for Fliers and Spectators who are NOT members of NAR

My rocket projects from Southern California at OTR:

BDR Stealth

CCA Phoenix

Phoenix on an L_952

Phoenix on the way up projects

Sorropo six pack drag races with I_161 38mm reloads

Successful J motor launches at OTR

What is TARC ?