Flightsketch Mini Altimeter Review

The neat little Flightsketch mini altimeter is a very impressive little altimeter and is worth the price of $40.00.

I tried one out on the Quest duel motor cluster kit called Magnum. The little altimeter provides not just the altitude. It also provides wind speed, temperature, and humidity. You can upload it to their web link and review the data as well as download the CVS file from the site for record-keeping:  

Happy Evoloterra Day

Judith L. Freed
August 11, 1996

Seven candles burning bright
Six are red and one is white
We gather here upon this date
Man on the Moon to celebrate
On the 20th of July in ’69
A drama as to stretch the mind
Man from Earth his foot did place
Upon the Moon in Outer Space
How did Man come to such a task
To reach this goal that we may ask
Because of Men who dared to dream
This Cosmic plan did Science scheme
A journey such as none had done
The quest of who would be the one
To touch the Moon and place the flag
The race was on no time to lag
To land upon another World
The mind of Science would be hurled
And leave our flag for all to know
That dreaming dreams can make it so
To Armstrong Aldrin Collins too
With courage and hope these precious few
Did take us thereupon that day
The Moon no longer dreams away
So we remember from now on
That Man has been and Man has gone
To dream and seek and hope and search
And bring us back the Universe.