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Space Quiz Answers:

  1. Mariner 2, launched in 1962 to Venus.
  2. It included a picture of a man and a woman, both without clothes.
  3. It had a gold plated record and compact phonograph with sounds from Earth, including greetings from 54 languages.
  4. Vikings 1 & 2.
  5. Pluto
  6. Galileo
  7. Jupiter, in order to gain enough momentum to break out of the ecliptic plane (which is not feasible with chemical rockets).
  8. The Ranger, the Lunar Orbiter, and the Surveyor. The Surveyor was the one that soft-landed on the Moon.
  9. She was a squirrel monkey. She eventually moved into the Alabama Space and Rocket Center, and lived there until her death in 1984.  She is buried near the ASRC.
  10. The pair of spiders were on Skylab 2.
  11. Laika, a dog, went up in Sputnik 2 (nicknamed “Mutnik” because of the passenger).
  12. First Lady Astronaut Trainees. The program was dropped after President Eisenhower decreed that only military test pilots could try out for the astronaut corps; the military in those days would not allow women to be test pilots.
  13. Svetiana Savitskaya (Soyuz T-7, 1982) and Judy Resnik (Shuttle 41-D, 1984).
  14. Because they were twins. It was thought that twins could work better together and handle the stress of long duration flight better than non-twins.
  15. A Martini