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October 11th 2019 Daniel had three successful High Powered launches, here is the full video of one of the rockets:

Dans Mad Cow AGM Rocket on a K 805 G

The April 13th 2019 launch was really good.  Mother Nature gave us four hours of moderate weather before the rains started up a little after 12 pm.  The field was swampy and most if not all who walked out in the field probably had to wash their shoes off and wash their pants from splashing in the mud J

Don Buchanan took the NAR level 2 test after the launch and got a 100% score J  Way to go Don!!

Now he is ready for the nest step which is to launch the level 2 rocket project of his.  That should be happening soon!!!

Here are some nice video clips taken by Vernon Buchanon:

Several great successful launches:

The photos are on the google drive and will be posted on the Gorge Rocket Club Web site:

We missed video of one launch which was of the Estes Solar Sailor 2 that Daniel Peirce launched with the nice silver mylar parachute.  The rocket went really high and caught a little thermal during its decent.

Today’s Launch Highlights

Engineering of High Powered Rocketry:

Interesting Russian Cruise Missile from the past:

March 25th 2017:

January 28th 2017 West Side launch videos:

December 18th Launch:

Latest November 2016 Launch:

November 5th 2016:

October 2016 Launch videos:

The IQSY Tomahawk was loaded with the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 and an Economax F44-8W 24mm motor.

Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk  
Max altitude 769 ft
Date 10/23/2016 9:26 AM
Mode Rocket
Duration 42 secs
Notes Economic F44-8W single use motor 24mm
Thrust time 0.85 secs
Max speed 176 mph
Peak accel 12.36 Gs
Avg accel 9.45 Gs
Ejection delay 8.50 secs
Coast-Apogee 5.80 secs
Apogee-Eject 2.70 secs
Ejection altitude 678 ft
Initial descent 20 fps
Landing speed 20 fps


graph img_4177This is what the Alt 3 will show you immediately after a flight.  You can pair it up with your phone prior to launch to activate it for recording and then have the data transferred to your phone right after a flight and email it to yourself for analysis.

September 25th, 2016

August 7th Sport launch

2017 EAA Apollo Reunion:

The Eingineering of High Powered Rocketry:

At 1:30 seconds into the video is a complation of great catos 🙂