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March 25th 2017:

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The IQSY Tomahawk was loaded with the Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 and an Economax F44-8W 24mm motor.

Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk
Max altitude 769 ft
Date 10/23/2016 9:26 AM
Mode Rocket
Duration 42 secs
Notes Economic F44-8W single use motor 24mm
Thrust time 0.85 secs
Max speed 176 mph
Peak accel 12.36 Gs
Avg accel 9.45 Gs
Ejection delay 8.50 secs
Coast-Apogee 5.80 secs
Apogee-Eject 2.70 secs
Ejection altitude 678 ft
Initial descent 20 fps
Landing speed 20 fps


graph img_4177This is what the Alt 3 will show you immediately after a flight.  You can pair it up with your phone prior to launch to activate it for recording and then have the data transferred to your phone right after a flight and email it to yourself for analysis.

September 25th, 2016

August 7th Sport launch

2017 EAA Apollo Reunion:

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