Goldendale Burn Ban in effect from June 1st to September 30th, 2022.

The burn ban is now in effect for the Goldendale site from 1 June to September 30th. We will have have launches again for that location beginning in October 2022 and up to Spring of 2023. Once the dates have been approved by the landowner they will be posted.

here is a link to the notice and a map of the zone area in effect for situational awareness:

Sod Blaster 3

Tri-Cities had a great Labor Day weekend event. The weather was picture perfect and rockets with impulses from 1/4 A up to N were launched. It takes place on a Sod Farm.

12-inch Diameter Fusion on an N 2200 Dark Matter motor

Derek Deville Presentation

Derek Deville offers a great Ted Talk presentation on the hobby of rocketry that others may find informative:

This video, "Models In Motion" was produced by the Hobby Industry of America about 1973. It shows Model Rockets, flown by the Wayne Skyhawks 4-H Club; radio controlled boats, R/C cars and R/C airplanes by R.A.C.C of NJ club