lots of model rockets up for grabs.

I have acquired a lot of kits from a club that closed operations in the Seattle area and they need a new home. Some are finished, or built and not painted and some still sealed in packaging and needs a future engineer to build it and make it flight worthy. If you live in the Columbia Gorge area, and want to find out more, just contact me know and let me know. 👨‍🚀🚀🪂

A neat and inexpensive program for keeping track of your projects in rocketry

I found this great and inexpensive software program that is great for inventorying and keeping track of your rocket flights. Once I started using it to enter and save the photos of the rocket projects I have built recently it made me realize how much of a rocket addict I am.  I have inventoried 65 rockets so far and have many, many more to go.  It is also good for recording good flights and not so good flights.  It helps to keep a record of which rocket motors helped your rocket perform well as compared to others. You can also add a parts list for the item created.

Please take a look at it and give it a try: