Latest Activity Report

Well, the day was clear and we had great participation with the hopes of at least one level 3 launch, maybe one or two level 2 launches, and several level 1 flights. The FAA waiver for up to 14k was in place.

Unfortunately, the winds were not cooperating and all that were in attendance and drove quite some distances were disappointed. It is understandable.

When there was a slight lull, five rockets made a successful flight and recovery.

Then then the surface winds continued to stay constant at the above 20 mph safe limit.


The RSO must have clear and convincing evidence that the following constraints are not violated.

1. Do not launch if ground level winds exceed 20 mph.

2. Do not launch if the planned flight path will carry the vehicle through any clouds

3. Do not launch if any type of lightning is detected within 10 miles of the launch site

GOOD SENSE RULE: Even when constraints are not violated, if any other hazardous weather conditions exist, the RSO may hold at any time based on the instability of the weather.

We do hope for better weather for the April weekend.