May Street Elementary Launch was successful

12717913_1029784437059945_212312772690728808_nToday’s launch was successful. We had almost 24 launches and some spectacular flights. We had a couple of boost glider flights that were successful and also landed high in a tree and on on the school roof. Nobody tried to climb and retrieve them, even though they wanted to but it is wise to have the winds blow them down eventually. It just means the designs worked and we will have to stock up on more balsa wood and body tubes and make some more 😊🚀. Building them is the best part anyway.

The good thing, is later on in the day, the winds were in our favor and the boost glider that was high up in the tree, eventually came down and the flier Dan Peirce was able to get his boosted glider back and prepare it for another launch and I was able to get the second of two boost gliders back as well from the rook safely.  We will make sure to have a ladder and expandable pole that extends to 12 feet the next time for flights just in case.

we hope to see more flighers at the next launch.

Date and location will be announced soon.