2016 World Championships for Space Models

August 22-27, 2016 Lviv, Ukraine

American World Space Modeling athletes took to the fields of Lviv for the biannual gathering of nations to determine world champions in space modeling. Team USA brings home three individual gold medals, one team gold medal, two individual silver medals, three team silver medals, one individual bronze medal, and one team bronze medal.

The Senior Team USA also placed third overall at the competition to score bronze. What an outstanding accomplishment for all who participated.

The USA final podium results are:

S2P (Precision fragile payload) World Cup  –

Sr. Individual Gold –  Emma Kristal

Sr. Team Gold – USA

Jr. Individual Silver  –  Ashley VanMilligan

Jr. Individual Bronze  –  Allison VanMilligan

Jr. Team Silver – USA

S1A Altitude (Junior)  –

Individual Silver  –  Ashley VanMilligan

Team Silver – USA


S1B Altitude (Senior)  –

Individual Gold  –  Dr. Bob Kreutz

Team Silver – USA


S5C Scale Altitude (Senior)  –

Individual Gold  –  Matt Steele


S8D R/C R/G (Junior)  –

Team Bronze – USA


Congratulations to all of the team members, supporters, and captain John Langford for this awesome showing at the international competition.